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         HH-2 Primary Deck Covering

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        一.Structure Type:
        二.Technical Index:
        No. Item name Index Executive standard


        Initial setting time
        Final setting time
        Modulus of rapture
        Compressive strength
        Water absorption
        Oil absorption
        Heat conductivity
        Not readily ignitability, smoke & toxicity
        Weight per square meter



        Characteristic: Abrasion resistance, heat insulation, low line shrinkage
        Applicable for: Covering for open deck (outdoor and wheelhouse top)
        Consume amount: 35 kg/m2
        Packing: Dry material (A component): 30kg/pack; Liquid(B component): 9kg/barrel
        Storage: Cool and dry place, moisture-proof, the quality guarantee period is 6 months

        四.Application Method:
        4.1 Preparation prior to application
        4.1.1 The fairing by hot working, all the embedded parts installation and welding on steel decks that may interfere with the application of covering are to be finished beforehand.
        4.1.2 The oils, water, paints, rusts, dusts on the steel decks, specifically the heavy rusts, floating rusts in the bulkhead corners of superstructures and dead corners of two side flat steel plates shall be completely removed. The oil impurities in the range of application may be cleaned by acetone or rosin water.
        4.1.3 The surface preparation is carried out according to the requirements of Grade P2 of CB3230 or Grade St2 of ISO8501-1.
        4.2 Application Procedures
        4.2.1 Firstly stir the dry materials(A component) evenly in agitator, and pour the liquid (B component) into the agitator according to the specified ratio of the dry materials and liquid, stirring it about 3 minutes, and then for application immediately. Pour the mixed covering onto the cleaned steel deck, rub the covering back and forth with a trowel to moisture the steel decks sufficiently, then striking off the covering with wooden ruler, and consolidating and leveling the covering surface with trowel.
        4.2.2 In the whole application period, the weather conditions will much influence on the application quality, the best environmental temperature of application should be a range of 5~25℃, the application shall not be carried out when the wind is over 6 level or it is exposure to sunshine in summer and rains. The applied coverings shall not be showered by rain or dipped by water.
        4.2.3 The latex coverings shall not be applied in the range of 1m of funnel, it is recommended that the cement coverings should be applied.
        4.2.4 After the covering application finished, it should be kept maintain for 1 to 2 days with spray a suitable amount of water or maintaining agent on its surface, and people may walk on it when it hardened completely

        5.1 In order to ensure the open application quality, it shall be strictly applied according to the application procedures and blending ratio of the product.
        5.2 The grantee period of all components of the covering shall be checked before the application of the coverings. If overdue or deterioration, it shall not be used. If the liquid has little gels, the gels shall be removed, and the liquid can still be used. The dry material shall be kept in dry place, avoid rain showering or water dipping. If the dry material is obviously caked, it shall not be used.

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